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We are thrilled to introduce Dorsainvil International

Crap metals

Dorsainvil International, a leading commodity trading company based in Canada, takes pride in its expertise in dealing with scrap metals. With a robust network of suppliers and buyers, we offer a wide range of high-quality scrap metals sourced from reputable origins worldwide. Our commitment to sustainable practices aligns with our dedication to environmentally responsible solutions, as scrap metals play a crucial role in recycling and reducing waste. At Dorsainvil International, we ensure that our clients receive top-notch products and seamless trade experiences. Trust in our comprehensive knowledge of the scrap metal market, and let us cater to your specific business needs with reliability and professionalism.


Cooper, an integral part of Dorsainvil International, embodies our core values and commitment to excellence. With a wealth of experience and expertise in international trade, Cooper plays a pivotal role in the seamless import and export of high-quality agriculture commodities, as well as the trading of metals and energy resources like natural gas and crude oil. With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, Cooper navigates the intricacies of global markets with finesse, fostering strong connections with suppliers and buyers alike. Through Cooper’s dedication and proficiency, Dorsainvil International continues to elevate its standing as a reliable and trusted player in the world of commodity trading, opening new avenues for growth and success.

Energy & Agriculture

Dorsainvil International stands at the forefront of the energy and agriculture sectors, where our expertise bridges the gap between global demand and supply. In the realm of energy resources, we excel in sourcing and trading natural gas and crude oil, catering to the needs of diverse industries worldwide. Our extensive network of suppliers and buyers ensures a reliable and steady flow of these vital resources. Simultaneously, in the realm of agriculture, we take pride in offering premium-grade commodities. With meticulous sourcing and efficient export-import practices, we contribute to the stability of food supplies across continents. At Dorsainvil International, we strive to create a sustainable and prosperous future, energizing industries and nourishing communities globally.